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This information will help answer some of the concerns that you may have around the security of your online transactions.

Voya makes every effort to enhance the security of your data. Protecting our customers is just good business. Despite all of our efforts, however, there are risks associated with doing business over the internet. You can take some action to protect yourself, and we encourage you to read the following security aids:  

Protecting your accounts and your identity

  • What is "phishing?"
  • Advanced-fee fraud
  • Imitating Voya web sites
  • Verifying web sites

Safeguarding your data

  • Helpful guidelines
  • More information
  • Voya keeps you safe online

We have learned that individuals falsely posing as human resources staff from our company have contacted people offering phony internship opportunities. We take this matter very seriously and are working with appropriate legal authorities to stop these scams.

Voya Financial will never communicate a job offer solely by email or text. Our employment process requires in-person interviews—often with multiple individuals within the company. Voya will never ask prospective employees or interns to pay a fee for employment or to deposit a check into a bank account and then request that a portion of the funds to be returned. By making you aware of this, we hope to avoid and ultimately stop people from falling for this scam.

If you are contacted by someone who you suspect is not a true representative of Voya, please do the following to report the fraud immediately:

        Forward all emails received to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center