S.A.F.E. Guarantee

Voya’s Secure Accounts for Everyone® (S.A.F.E.) Guarantee

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Voya is committed to safeguarding your financial accounts and personal information from the risk of fraud, cyber threats and unauthorized activity. As part of this effort, we have established the Voya S.A.F.E.® (Secure Accounts for Everyone) Guarantee. If any assets are taken from your workplace retirement plan account or Voya-administered Individual Retirement Account* due to unauthorized activity and through no fault of your own, we will restore the value of your account subject to satisfying a few key steps. Voya takes the issue of fraud and cyber risk seriously, and we’re focused on doing our part to maintain your trust and confidence. We also believe that keeping your account secure is a mutual responsibility. That means you play an important role in this process, and the coverage Voya provides under the S.A.F.E Guarantee may also consider the degree to which you take the following recommended action:

1. Register your account online.

  • Complete the first-time user registration process through your plan’s participant website or at my.voya.com.
  • Create a unique password and username for this account for online access.
  • Provide a trusted mobile (preferred) phone number to receive One-Time Passcodes for login recovery purposes.
  • Sign up for electronic document delivery — this will allow you to receive important account correspondence and confirmations from us in the most efficient manner.

2. Review your account information on a regular basis and keep your contact information current.

  • Promptly notify Voya of any unexpected changes to your account — address, phone number or email changes, etc.

3. Enroll in Voya Voiceprint, Voya’s voice biometrics program.

  • During your next call into Voya’s Customer Care Center, consider taking advantage of an extra layer of security to protect your account. If eligible, enrollment into Voya Voiceprint is quick and easy and will allow your voice to be used to authenticate your identity for purposes of accessing your account.

4. Promptly report any suspected identity theft or unauthorized activity.

  • Notify us immediately of any discrepancies or incorrect information on your account, as well as any transactions that you did not request.
  • This includes notice of bank account changes, withdrawal requests, password changes or profile changes, and other changes not initiated by you.

5. Practice safe computing habits.

  • Remember not to share your username, password or One-Time Passcode information with anyone else. Voya will never call, email or text you for this information.
  • Periodically change your (unique) password for online access.
  • Be aware of email and phishing scams.
  • Do not open up suspicious attachments or click on any questionable links.
  • Be sure to use current anti-virus software on your device.
  • Do not reuse login credentials across different websites. Reusing passwords is not safe.

Please note that, in the event of a fraud claim, you will be required to cooperate in Voya’s investigation. This may include reporting the claim to the appropriate authorities, providing a written affidavit, submitting your device for examination and signing a release. Following the investigation, Voya will determine how and to what extent the account will be restored (i.e., in cash or shares of securities) based on the unique facts and circumstances of the particular matter.

Please also be aware that the provisions of this guarantee are subject to change from time to time in order to best reflect the current or changing risk environment and the appropriate security protocols.

Additional FAQs on the S.A.F.E. Guarantee

Q: Who is covered?
The Voya S.A.F.E. Guarantee covers participants in any employer sponsored plan and account owners of Individual Retirement Accounts (i.e., Voya Select Advantage IRA, Voya Select Advantage Advisory IRA, Voya Express Mutual Fund IRA, and Voya Rollover Advantage) where Voya provides recordkeeping services and/or administrative services for the account on our system. It applies to unauthorized activity that occurs online, through the interactive voice response (IVR) system and through our Call Center.

Q: Is there a cost for this coverage?
No. Voya provides this coverage to you as part of our overall commitment to keeping retirement accounts and their personal information safe and secure.

Q: What is not covered under this guarantee?
The Voya S.A.F.E. Guarantee does not apply to any accounts that are “held away” by a third party (*i.e., where Voya does not provide recordkeeping services and/or administrative services on our system). The guarantee does not cover losses resulting from the action or inaction of an employer/plan sponsor or other third party or financial professional that has been authorized by you or your employer to access the account. Be aware that transactions and other account servicing activities initiated by your financial professional for you are deemed to have been authorized by you. Additionally, the guarantee does not apply to losses resulting from a security breach affecting an employer/plan sponsor or another third party’s systems, including fraudulent account access initiated through an authorized single sign-on connection, whether initiated through an employer/plan sponsor’s network or an authorized third party benefits provider for the employer/plan sponsor, or any other authorized single sign-on source; in situations where you do not maintain the confidentiality of your account, password, or other credential (including, but not limited to, one-time passcodes and PINs delivered to you by U.S. Mail, email, or text message); or instances involving customer negligence, e.g., when you do not restrict access to your computing device.

Q: What steps does Voya take to keep customers safe?
Voya takes numerous steps to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our systems and our customers’ accounts. You can learn more about Voya’s overall approach to security, how we keep your accounts and information safe, and the actions you can take as part of this mutual responsibility, by visiting our website at: voya.com/terms-use/voya-security.

Q: Why did I receive a Voya Verification Code via text or email?
You will receive a Voya Verification Code (also known as a “One-Time Passcode”) via text (preferred) or email when you reset your online password or request access to your account from a new device. For security purposes, the Voya Verification Code must be entered at the online prompt before online access is granted. The Voya Verification Code is required to add a new trusted device or change your online password.

You should also consider whether you have established a relationship with a third-party Financial Aggregation Service provider, such as Morningstar, Intuit, CashEdge, or Personal Capital. With your consent and authorization, an authorized third-party Financial Aggregation Service provider will periodically (generally, on weekends or after normal business hours) contact Voya for the purpose of collecting information regarding your retirement plan account. If the device from which the request is made is not recognized, a Voya Verification Code is sent to you via text or email.

Q: How do I know if someone else is trying to access my online account from another device?
We use multi-factor authentication to further protect your online account. Your receipt of an unsolicited Voya Verification Code via text or email may indicate unwanted or suspicious attempts to access your online account, unless you have permissioned another party, like a third-party Financial Aggregation Service provider, to collect your retirement plan account information.

Q: What should I do? I received a Voya Verification Code but I did not reset my online password or request online access from a new device.
If you suspect fraud, you should report the receipt of an unsolicited Voya Verification Code to Voya. The process is described below. Please note that “unsolicited alert message or verification code from Voya” should be indicated in the subject line for this type of submission.

Q: How do I report suspicious activity?
If you suspect fraudulent activity, receive suspicious notifications or unsolicited alerts, or are a victim of identity theft, contact us immediately at 1-855-663-8692 or by email.

Please note that in the event of any suspicious or fraudulent activity with your account, we may need to temporarily suspend your access to the account as a means of protection.

Q: What happens after I report suspected fraud?
You will be required to cooperate in Voya’s investigation, and a representative from Voya will contact you to begin that process. This may include reporting the incident to authorities, providing a written affidavit, submitting your device for examination, and/or signing a release. The Voya S.A.F.E. Guarantee does not cover taxes, legal fees, lost opportunity costs, or other damages. We also reserve the right to offset any amount we would otherwise pay you by the compensation you receive from other sources; and we may seek restitution for any reimbursement you receive from those who committed the misconduct. In addition, we may require you to assign certain rights over to us regarding the loss, and we limit you from assigning your rights over to another party. The Voya S.A.F.E. Guarantee does not create or alter any rights or responsibilities of any person except as expressly set forth herein. The Voya S.A.F.E. Guarantee is governed by the laws of the State of New York (without regard to conflict of laws principles) and may be modified or discontinued at any time.

The Voya S.A.F.E. Guarantee does not create or alter any rights or responsibilities of any person except as expressly set forth herein. The Voya S.A.F.E. Guarantee is governed by the laws of the State of New York (without regard to conflict of laws principles) and may be modified or discontinued at any time.

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