Voya Voiceprint Biometrics

Voya Voiceprint Biometrics

Customers use their voice to authenticate identity

Voya Voiceprint makes it easier for customers to get help and adds another layer of fraud-prevention to protect customers.


Voice biometrics uses voice patterns to produce unique identification for every caller, including more than 100 physical and behavioral factors.

Voya Voiceprint compares a customer’s voice to a recording of their voice from a previous interaction to help confirm their identity.

How to set up Voya Voiceprint

  • Customer calls Customer Care.
    • Customer uses their PIN to authenticate identity.
  • Associates speak to customer and helps them.
    • Voya collects 30-60 seconds of speech from the caller.
  • Voice biometrics technology analyzes voice patterns.
    • Includes more than 100 physical and behavioral factors based on voice patterns.
  • Customer is given the option to set up enrollment.
    • Associate gives the customer the option to enroll in Voya Voiceprint.
  • Voya Voiceprint will then be used to confirm the customer’s identity in subsequent calls to Voya.