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84% of employees are interested in a digital tool that allows them to see ALL financial and benefits information in one place.1


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myVoyage uses data-driven insights to provide hyper-personalized guidance to help your employees make progress toward achieving their financial goals.



6 ways myVoyage can help your employees optimize and organize their financial lives — and make the most of workplace benefits and savings

  1. A consolidated account view under one login, connecting workplace benefits, savings and retirement accounts; medical/dental insurance; and the ability to connect other household accounts like banking, credit cards and loans.
  2. Holistic financial wellness support, enabling employees to view where they stand across all accounts, set and track goals (such as saving for college or paying off debt) and get insights to help.
  3. Personalized enrollment guidance, offers employees a convenient way to review their benefits and savings options and get personalized guidance to help make decisions.
  4. Access to medical claims, to track out-of-pocket expenses and get reminders for preventative care.
  5. Targeted nudges and actions, including specific steps, tools and resources to help employees navigate different life stages and events.
  6. Professional resources, including the ability to refer employees to a financial professional for additional personalized advice and guidance.*
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The myVoyage mobile app brings personalized guidance and data-driven insights to help employees get the most of your workplace benefits and savings offering.

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1. Voya Financial® collaborates with an independent research firm, Ipsos*, to conduct periodic surveys among those participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans managed by Voya. During the period between July-August 2022, 5889 retirement plan participants evaluated Voya.

Ipsos-Insight is not affiliated with the Voya family of companies. Views expressed vary based on a respondent's personal opinion.

*Financial professionals are investment advisor representatives and/or registered representatives of, and securities and investment advisory services are offered through Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. (member SIPC). Investment advisory services are only offered through investment advisor representatives of Voya Financial Advisors.

For educational purposes only. Each plan must consider the appropriateness of the investments and plan services offered to its participants.

Products and services offered by the Voya® family of companies.