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Personalized digital guidance during enrollment that helps employees make optimal spending and saving decisions across health, emergency savings and retirement

Retirement outcomes often depend on the interconnected health and wealth decisions of today. For example, overspending on health insurance can make it harder for your employees to save for retirement and emergencies.

Employees need a simple way to consider their complete financial picture — while understanding how one decision impacts another — to help them determine what choices are best today and for the future.

myHealth&Wealth helps your employees make more informed choices when selecting their benefits and enrolling in your workplace retirement plan.

Benefits for employees

  • Personalized digital guidance
  • Actionable education
  • Household guidance
  • Dynamic and flexible experience
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Benefits for employers

  • Customized solution
  • Employee engagement
  • Implementation support
  • Reporting

myHealth&Wealth helps drive positive action and outcomes

Employees who use myHealth&Wealth are more likely to switch to a health care plan that’s aligned with their typical health care spending, increase retirement savings and elect supplemental health insurance.

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Nearly 3x greater rate of switching from a PPO plan to a HDHP1

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10% of those who had a retirement savings increase recommendation went on to increase their savings rate1

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35% more likely to elect Supplemental Health insurance1

Related solutions

The myHealth&Wealth tool provides information and options for your consideration regarding, among other things, Supplemental Health insurance policies. Because Voya sells Supplemental Health insurance policies as part of its overall Health Solutions business, you should consider the conflict of Voya’s ownership interest in SAVVI when considering the Supplemental Health insurance policies myHealth&Wealth highlights for your consideration. You are under no obligation to purchase any benefits highlighted by the myHealth&Wealth tool, and most such benefits can be purchased or excluded on an individual basis. You are not required to purchase Supplemental Health insurance to enroll in healthcare coverage.

Voya also offers retirement products as part of its Wealth Solutions line of business. You should also consider the conflict of Voya’s ownership interest in SAVVI when reviewing the contribution calculations made by the myHealth&Wealth tool in connection with your retirement savings options. You are not obligated to make any such contribution.

The myHealth&Wealth tool provides information and options for you to consider in making healthcare, health savings, emergency savings, and retirement savings choices. Those choices are solely up to you to make. myHealth&Wealth does not provide you with fiduciary advice with respect to your plan elections and contributions. None of SAVVI, Voya, nor WEX Health acts in a fiduciary capacity in providing myHealth&Wealth or other services to you; any such fiduciary capacity is explicitly disclaimed.

1. Three pilot customers had a total of 8,700 employees eligible for the tool. 2,500 eligible employees used the tool.

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