Employers make a difference

Voya Cares provides resources and support for your caregiver employees and those with disabilities or special needs.

One out of every four people in the U.S. (approximately 66 million people) lives with a disability1, while one out of every five workers assists with caregiving.2 Even so, people with disabilities and their caregivers are often overlooked.

Our central mission is to help all Americans retire better — one person, one family, one institution at a time. And providing solutions and services to the special needs community is a natural extension of our goal. In the process of doing so, we’re looking to help organizations make a difference in the lives of millions living with special needs and disabilities, as well as their caregivers.

How can employers help?

We conducted extensive market research to assess the complex realities and needs of caregivers and employees with disabilities to help inform employers on how to best support them. See below for some of our key findings, and download the whitepaper and infographics to learn more.

Employers can offer education and access to information (such as those on Voyacares.com) that can help their employees understand what resources are available to them and how to make the most of their financial plan.

The toolkit below will help employers address the unique needs of the special needs community and become even more valuable to their clients and employees.

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    Employer overview (Download PDF)

    Planning and care for special needs in the workplace. We’ll guide the way, so employers can support all their employees.

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    Planning checklist

    Confidently checking all of the boxes means individuals with special needs and caregivers can plan for a better future.

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    Beneficiary planning case study (Download PDF)

    Naming loved ones with special needs or disabilities as beneficiaries could have an unintended impact on their eligibility for government benefits.

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    Government benefits guide (Download PDF)

    An easy-to-follow roadmap to government benefits for special needs planning and how to incorporate those benefits into an overall strategy.

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    ABLE accounts (Download PDF)

    As use of ABLE accounts grows among the disabilities and special needs community, employers should consider how to incorporate them into their benefits programs, in order to attract and retain quality employees.

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    Voya Cares® is collaborating with this innovative health care concierge service to provide support and resources to help families care for loved ones with complex, chronic or ongoing care needs (e.g., a parent with dementia, child with autism, or a spouse with Parkinson’s). Voya’s Retirement and Employee Benefits businesses will offer Wellthy’s services to its current and prospective workplace clients, as an added benefit they can provide to their employees.

Voya Cares helps employers create an inclusive work culture and a more efficient workforce through solutions, educational resources and thought leadership. We’ll help you become more valuable to your employees.

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