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Voya Cares® is collaborating with Wellthy to help individuals and family caregivers manage complex, chronic or ongoing care needs. Together, they offer support and resources to help individuals with disabilities or special needs and family caregivers save time, money and stress. Voya currently offers Wellthy’s services to its nearly 6,000 Voya employees. Voya’s Retirement and Employee Benefits businesses offer Wellthy’s services to its current and prospective workplace clients as an added benefit that they can provide to their employees.

How Wellthy can help

Wellthy has a two-part solution — part human and part tech: Providing best-in-class and always-on support. On the human side, Wellthy matches each employee with a dedicated care coordinator who can guide families through a care plan, advocate for loved ones and tackle tricky tasks across medical, in-home, financial, legal, housing, and social and emotional needs.

The majority of Wellthy’s care coordinators are social workers by background, and in many cases, can personally relate to the families they work with. They have previously worked in hospital, insurance, and other healthcare settings. Most importantly, they are passionate about working with families to ease their care burdens.

Wellthy care coordinators

With Wellthy, families are matched with a dedicated care coordinator who guides families through a care plan, advocates for loved ones, and tackles tricky tasks.

Care coordinators serve as experts, advocates and project managers, there to help employees across many different stages of their lives.

Wellthy care coordinators help:

  • Find medical providers;
  • Schedule appointments;
  • Identify the right in-home aide;
  • Handle a move into a living facility;
  • Contest medical bills and claims;
  • Organize medical records and medication lists;
  • And much more!

Suitable for

Wellthy is for everyone who finds themselves managing care for loved ones — or for themselves — in any capacity, big or small. Wellthy is especially well suited for helping with complex, chronic or ongoing care needs.

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