Student loan debt benefit solutions

Student loan debt benefit solutions

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Student loan debt among Americans of all ages is a growing problem for employers. It impacts overall financial wellness, can increase stress, and can prevent employees from saving for their retirement. As a result, employees may be putting their retirement readiness at risk. Employer-sponsored retirement plans are the foundation for building retirement security, but if employees aren’t contributing enough — or participating at all — they may not be able to retire on time.

To help address these workplace challenges, Voya offers flexible student loan debt solutions that can be tailored to your employee population.

  • Online resources allow your employees to navigate various repayment options and debt strategies with easy-to-use financial tools.
  • 1:1 consultations with student loan debt counselors who can offer personalized solutions.
  • A lending marketplace can help employees explore options.
  • Employer solutions to help employees pay down student loan debt.

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