Voya Cares® is collaborating with Wellthy to help individuals and family caregivers manage complex, chronic or ongoing care needs. Together, they offer support and resources to help individuals with disabilities or special needs and family caregivers save time, money and stress. Voya currently offers Wellthy’s services to its nearly 6,000 Voya employees. Voya’s Retirement and Employee Benefits businesses offer Wellthy’s services to its current and prospective workplace clients as an added benefit that they can provide to their employees.



Caregiving crisis

There is a growing, silent caregiving crisis impacting families, communities, companies and our country.

  • One in five Americans is a family caregiver, and that number continues to grow.1
  • In 2014, one of every 59 children in the United States had a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by age 8.2
  • More than five and a half million older Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050, that total is expected to reach 14 million people.3
  • The increase in the number of caregivers actually is caused by multiple factors:
    • a large aging population
    • people living longer with more chronic conditions than ever before and
    • families living apart from one another.
  • Families are managing more complex care for more loved ones, some even sandwiched between caring for aging parents and children with disabilities and special needs.

According to a new caregivers study sponsored by Voya Cares4, employers tend to underestimate the direct and indirect costs of caregiving and the potential impact caregiving has on their employees.

  • 44% of all employers are unaware that so many of their employees are caregivers, as the national statistic indicates.
  • 81% of caregiving employees experienced increased stress or anxiety.
  • 83% of family caregivers report using sick, personal leave, or vacation time to care for their loved one.
  • Caregivers also are much more concerned than the general population that their money will not cover their current expenses or future retirement aspirations.
    • 57% caregivers
    • 39% general population
  • To learn more about the impact of caregiving on employees and employers, read For the Benefit of All: How Organizations Win When They Recognize and Support Caregivers and Employees with Disabilities (download PDF)

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How Wellthy can help

Wellthy is for everyone who finds themselves managing care for loved ones — or for themselves — in any capacity, big or small. Wellthy is especially well suited for helping with complex, chronic, or ongoing care needs.

With Wellthy, families are matched with a dedicated care coordinator who guides families through a care plan, advocates for loved ones, and tackles tricky tasks.

Care coordinators serve as experts, advocates, and project managers, there to help employees across many different stages of their lives.

Wellthy care coordinators help:

  • find medical providers
  • schedule appointments
  • identify the right in-home aide
  • handle a move into a living facility
  • contest medical bills and claims
  • organize medical records and medication lists
    and much more!

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Learn more


  • Gather more information to talk to your Human Resources benefits team about offering Wellthy
  • If you have an account, login at wellthy.com
  • See more before talking to your Voya Representative
  • Differentiate your practice; contact your Voya representative

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4Findings from an online survey of 510 HR Decision Makers respondents and an online survey of 1,815 employee respondents, both conducted by Voya Cares in partnership with Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW) during the period of December 2, 2018 - January 14, 2019. Additional statistics from the study are available for use: voyacares.com/forthebenefitofall.

All caregiver solutions are provided by Wellthy. Wellthy and Voya Financial are not corporate affiliates.

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