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We could all use a little help planning for the future – and when you have special needs to consider, knowing where to start and what resources are available can be one of the biggest challenges. When you choose Voya, you’re choosing to work with people who care about your needs and will always put them first. We’re committed to helping all Americans retire better and making a positive impact in the lives of people with disabilities as well as their families and caregivers. We’ll help you think differently about your financial future – more optimistic about tomorrow and confident about taking control.

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Creating a Plan is a Good Place to Start

flag iconPlanning checklist

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sign iconKey considerations

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people iconCreating a letter of intent

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building iconUnderstanding government benefits

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money iconFilling the financial gap

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Plan for Life’s Milestones+


Planning for Life's Milestones

Welcoming the birth of your child

From the moment your precious baby is born, you want to provide, protect and give him or her the best life possible, but when your child has special needs, providing that life requires a more strategic approach with additional challenges.

Preparing for an exceptional education

Starting school is a big event for everyone, and for a child with special needs or a disability, this milestone can represent an especially challenging new life chapter. To help ease the transition, there are certain steps that can help you and your child prepare.

lean moreTransitioning from a teen to young adulthood

As an individual moves from high school into young adulthood, it’s important he or she is equipped with the skills, tools, guidance and support to successfully transition into the next phase of life.

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Settling into adulthood

When your child with special needs becomes a legally recognized adult, it’s a major life transition, so it’s best to plan ahead to ensure your child’s lifestyle will be the best it can be.

Care now, care later: preparing for your child's life without you

No matter how old they are, it can be frightening to imagine your child’s life without you. However, when your child has special needs, it becomes much more important to take a few key steps today to lay the foundation for his or her future.

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