Add these 12 Key workplace financial wellbeing events for 2022 to your calendar

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When is National 401k day? How about National Insurance Awareness Day? What about Debt Awareness Week? And don't forget Parents' Day. As you plan your benefits communications calendar for 2022, here are twelve financial wellbeing dates and themes to know.

Use these themes as inspiration for emails, intranet posts, webinars, social media graphics, wellbeing champion networks and more. Team up with your financial professional and workplace benefits program provider to see how to make the most of these holidays – they will be prepared with some great ideas. 

Data Privacy Day

January 28th

Identity and data privacy protection are essential to overall financial wellness. Cyber threats such as hacking, phishing scams, and spam make employees vulnerable to financially devastating situations. Today, tie in data privacy themes to your financial wellbeing communications to remind your workforce to stay safe and protected. 

America Saves Week begins

February 21st

Since 2007, America Saves Week has been an annual celebration and call to action for everyday Americans to commit to saving successfully. Thousands of organizations participate and together they encourage individuals to do a financial check-in, set savings goals, and create a plan to achieve them.

Debt Awareness Week

March 21st

Debt Awareness Week is all about destigmatizing debt. Help your workforce feel comfortable asking for the help they need, and ease worries they may have about being judged, or feeling ashamed or embarrassed about being in debt. If your workforce is struggling with money worries or debt stress, direct them to your trusted financial wellbeing benefit for help.

Financial Literacy Month

All of April

National Financial Literacy Month is recognized each year in April. It's a great time to share money tips & spotlight programs that improve employee financial wellbeing. Host a 30-day financial wellbeing challenge, or run a series of contests and giveaways to encourage financial wellbeing program participation while it's top of mind. 

National 529 College Savings Plan Day

May 29th

National 529 Day is recognized on May 29 (5/29 – so clever). It's a great opportunity to explain what a 529 plan is while highlighting its importance in helping families plan and pay for college or education expenses.

National Insurance Awareness Day

June 28th

National Insurance Awareness Day falls on June 28 this year and serves as a reminder for employees, families and businesses to review their insurance policies. The exact origin of this day is a mystery, but what's widely known is the importance of insurance in many aspects of our lives. From car insurance to life insurance, to home insurance and more, those policies offer a layer of protection to guard us against surprise expenses when unfortunate events occur.

Parents' Day

July 24th

Every path to parenthood looks different. This year on July 24th, tie Parent's Day into your financial wellbeing strategy by recognizing the cost that becoming a parent and raising kids can incur. Support each employee on their parenthood journey by offering trusted financial experts for one-on-one guidance every step of the way.

National Financial Awareness Day

August 14th

Personal finances can be a taboo topic for many employees. Use August 14th as the perfect time to break the stigma. Avoiding it is contributing to stress levels that are unsustainable, at work and at home, but change is possible. Employees need support to feel good about their finances, and employers have a responsibility to help enable this. It starts by talking about it.

National 401k Day

September 9th

Started by the Plan Sponsor Council of America, the Friday following Labor Day (Monday) was chosen as 401k day so employees can "start the week with Labor Day and end the week with Retirement." This "holiday" might not have cute puppies like Dog Day or be as cheesy as Pizza Day, but it's a good reminder to encourage your employees to plan for their future and make sure they're on track.

Financial Planning Week

October 3rd

Financial Planning Week is held each October to promote financial literacy and raise awareness among the general public of the value of financial planning. It's a great time to recognize that 90% of Americans don't have a financial plan or access to trustworthy guidance. Educate your team on the value of working with a trusted financial professional, and invite them to book a call with one on your financial wellbeing platform.

Giving Tuesday

November 29th

Giving Tuesday is always the first Tuesday following Black Friday, which marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Started by an independent nonprofit organization as a "global generosity movement," this holiday is a great chance to spotlight the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives at your company and empower employees to support the causes they care about.

Still Need To Do Day

December 29th

With the holiday rush behind us, December 29th marks a final opportunity of the year to get to some of those to-do's that you might be putting off. Whether it's working towards a wellbeing goal, canceling a subscription to save some money, or anything else on your list, this is the holiday for you. Cheers to starting the New Year off strong.

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