The Voya Cares® program is an extension of Voya’s vision and mission to help all Americans achieve the quality of life they seek today and through retirement.

To help Americans who have disabilities and special needs—as well as their caregivers—achieve their best quality of life, the Voya Cares program strives to make a difference via community involvement, legislative advocacy and thought leadership.

Learn more about some of our recent recognition and other efforts below and watch videos of some personal stories from the disabilities and special needs community.



Awards and Recognition

Recent initiatives+
Personal stories+

Personal Stories

A story of support

After having two brain surgeries due to epilepsy, Voya employee Jody Smith tells of the support he received from his employer during his recovery process.

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What is Voya Cares?

Voya CEO Rod Martin describes his passion for the Voya Cares program and why it's such an important part of who we are at Voya. 

A father’s caregiver story

Voya’s Bill Harmon gives a glimpse of his family life and talks about the importance of Voya Cares.

Voya Cares stories

Hear Voya employee Sandie McGrath describe what it means to be a caregiver to her brother, James. Includes perspectives on how Voya Cares helps keep caregivers like Sandie -- as well as employers and advisors -- ahead of the curve.

Thought leadership+

Voya Cares Thought Leadership

See our recent research and whitepapers for detailed information on topics of interest to employers, caregivers and individuals with disabilities or special needs.