Christina Landburg

Carthage, MO
Carthage Intermediate Center

Landburg’s innovative teaching idea, “Flipped Classroom 4 the Family,” focuses on helping students and their families learn more about money and financial literacy by creating technology-enhanced home learning opportunities where families complete activities and learn together. Each week students and families would be assigned a home learning project to complete together and return to school the following week. At the end of the year, the student and family would be asked to create a small project to sell. In preparation for the project event, the class will complete lessons on how to market the event and count the number of people in attendance to see if their marketing efforts were successful. After the event, Landburg will set-up a store where students could decide if they want to purchase items with the money they earned, save it, or invest it. This will help students and their families learn about money management, economics, life skills, and many other things that will benefit them inside and outside the classroom.