Chris Stanley and Eric Rotondo

North Scituate, RI
Ponanasget High School

Stanley’s and Rotondo’s innovative teaching idea, “9/11 Tribute,” focuses on paying tribute to the heroes who died on 9/11 and helping students understand history. The tribute would be done via an event that honors all who served and sacrificed their lives on 9/11. Following the event, the students would travel to NYC to tour the 9/11 Museum and FDNY Ten House. Stanley and Rotondo will engage students by asking them to create a living memorial that includes the names of each victim. During the event, the students will read those names followed by the tolling of a bell throughout the event. The day will also feature a keynote by Joe Torrillo, a FDNY Lieutenant on 9/11, who will also work with the students to understand the horrific day. Through the Voya grant, students will create a museum that highlights the timeline of events that unfolded on 9/11 and gain an understanding of American history through hands-on learning.