Amy Langmesser, Dr. Megan Hargrave, and Principal Rachel Card

China, MI
Pine River Elementary School

The team’s innovative teaching idea, “Multi-Sensory Room,” focuses on creating a multi-sensory room at Pine River Elementary that is designed to help students with sensory processing difficulties to obtain input that will promote self-regulation. There will be a sensory calming area for students who need a safe and quiet place to reorganize. In addition, the items within the room, purchased with the Voya grant, will provide movement, deep pressure tactile, muscle and joint input as well as provide balance, coordination, organization, and attention. The team will collaborate with many professionals at the school to develop this project and select the most appropriate tools. The team hopes the Multi-Sensory Room will create an appealing, designated environment with a variety of tools that the students can use to meet their sensory needs.