Aimee Hooper and Shannon Johnson

Vienna, VA
Kilmer Middle School

Hooper’s and Johnson’s innovative teaching idea, “Sensory Room for IDS Students,” is designed to help their students work on a variety of skills that focus on attending to a task, being able to track and how to appropriately communicate wants and needs. Although their students are working on basic skills of identifying numbers, shapes, colors and the letters, to name a few, they find that their students are most excited when they are doing task that are engaging and enhancing the senses through cause and effect. According to Hooper and Johnson, they see their student’s faces light up when they are hearing, seeing and feeling a variety of textures and items. The sensory room will allow for that type of learning to be taken to the next level and give kids the highest education possible. Additionally, the room could benefit other students who have issues with managing their feelings and often have outburst. This would be an environment that allows them to be stimulated and calm down.