Life can easily throw you off course. Premier Whole Life Insurance helps to protect the financial futures of you and your loved ones, while allowing you to build tax-deferred money within the policy (called "cash value") to stay on track. Borrow against your policy to pay for unexpected expenses or supplement your retirement income. 

Key Features

  • Financial protection for your family upon your death
  • Protection designed to last your entire lifetime
  • Face amount increases or decreases available – depending on your changing needs and budget
  • Tax-deferred cash value growth – means you don’t pay income taxes on it while it accumulates 
  • Access to your policy’s cash value using income tax-free loans and withdrawals
  • Death benefit paid to beneficiaries free of federal income taxes
  • Coverage may follow you if you leave your employer 
  • Visit the Claims Center to start a claim, upload a claim form, download a claim form or find a claim contact.

Suitable For

  • Individuals looking for financial and estate-planning tools
  • Individuals looking for a death benefit, in addition to a living benefit
  • Individuals seeking a consistent premium payment schedule  


Eligibility limits
  • Available through your employer’s benefits program
  • Must meet employer’s eligibility requirements 
  • Optional spouse, domestic partner or dependent children coverage1  


  • No premium increases - regardless of health or age 
  • Premiums are conveniently deducted from your paycheck 

Additional Details

1This varies by state and the life insurance plan offered by your employer. 

Use the EFT Form to request monthly premium payment via EFT, if you are paying premiums directly to the insurance company.

Use the Service Request Form for a variety of requests, if you have a whole life policy.

Voya Cares®

Voya Cares is here to help caregivers along the journey of supporting their loved one with special needs or disabilities.

One of the first steps is to help employees understand how their benefits align with their vision of their loved one’s future.

In conjunction with the Voya Cares program, Voya Employee Benefits can provide employees access to additional education & guidance tools via the Voya Cares Online Resource Center. This website provides helpful information including: financial planning checklists, case studies, articles, whitepapers and community support resources; for those with special needs or disabilities and their family members.

  • Planning checklists and action items
  • Guide to understanding government assistance benefits
  • Community resource finder
  • Beneficiary designation case study

To learn more visit

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