Looking for a tax deferred annuity that offers a reliable fixed interest rate?  The Voya Guarantee Choice Annuity guarantees to credit your account with an interest rate, regardless of market volatility.  And with no IRS contribution limits, you can use the assets from this annuity to fund a guaranteed income stream in your retirement.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed competitive interest rate for up to 10 years.1 Guarantee periods may vary by state.
  • No taxes due on the interest credited to your annuity until you make a withdrawal means your premiums and credited interest continue earning additional interest.
  • Withdraw up to 10% of the accumulation value after the first year without a surrender charge or market value adjustment.2
  • Payout options let you spread your distribution over a number of years rather than taking a lump sum payment.
  • Potentially avoid the expense and delay of probate when, upon death, the accumulation value is paid directly to your beneficiary.

Suitable For

The Voya Guarantee Choice Annuity can:

  • Produce a guaranteed interest crediting rate 
  • Earn tax-deferred interest3
  • Convert your contract into a guaranteed income stream 


Issue Ages

0-80 for owner and annuitant (the insured person) 

Single premium minimum:


Single premium maximum:

$1,000,000 (without prior approval) 

State Availability

Not available in all states. 

Fees & Charges

Surrender Charge
Contract Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+
 Percentage 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
  • Charges may vary by state
Market Value Adjustment (MVA)

The MVA may increase or decrease the accumulation value of your annuity if more than the free withdrawal amount is surrendered before the end of the guarantee period. The amount of the MVA is determined by a mathematical formula that measures changes in the interest rate environment since the contract was purchased. The MVA is waived for 30 days following the end of an interest rate guarantee period. If the contract is renewed within 30 days of the interest rate guarantee period expiration, the MVA will reset. 

Additional Details

This is a summary only. Read the contract for complete details.

This product and its features may not be available in all states and may be subject to change.

1Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Voya Insurance and Annuity Company (Des Moines, IA), a member of the Voya® family of companies.

2Withdrawals may be subject to Federal/State income tax and, if taken prior to age 59½, an additional 10% Federal penalty tax. 

3IRAs and other qualified plans already provide tax-deferral like that provided by an annuity. Additional features and benefits, such as contract guarantees, death benefits and the ability to receive a lifetime income are contained within the annuity for a cost. Please be sure the features and costs of the annuity are right for you when considering the purchase of the annuity.

Next Steps

Contract Form Series: IU-IA-3036.

Contract is issued by Voya Insurance and Annuity Company (VIAC). 

Neither Voya nor its affiliated companies provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax and legal advisors regarding your individual situation.