Voya Cares resources for America’s new retirement reality

Meeting the needs of Employment Extenders while they are working, and as they continue to prepare for retirement.

The combination of several factors — an aging workforce, the exodus of workers and a shift in worker attitudes — reflects a paradigm shift for many employers: far from encouraging their aging workforce to retire when they reach full retirement age, older employees may be encouraged to continue their employment into their late 60s or early 70s.

By putting measures in place to support their older workers, employers can benefit through retention and save on the cost of recruiting, onboarding and training new employees. The time is now to recognize the value that older employees offer as workers, colleagues and mentors.

Meet the Employment Extenders

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Toolkit for supporting Employment Extenders

Voya Cares resources for America’s new retirement reality

  • Sandwich caregivers: Family caregivers providing care to an aging parent while also raising children of their own, often neglecting their personal financial journey. 11 million or 28% of all caregivers — currently are “Sandwich Caregivers.”
  • Employment extenders: People working past what would be considered a typical retirement age, as they are either not financial ready to retire or voluntarily continuing a successful career. Nearly 20% of Americans over age 65 — a total of 10.6 million people — are either working or looking for work, representing a 57-year high.

There are far more Americans needing care than can provide care.


In the U.S. 47 million need care

17 million can provide care

It’s the lowest ratio ever reported


The cost of long term-care is an important component plan for.

  • $93,075 per year for nursing home semi-private room
  • $105,850 per year for nursing home private room
  • $51,600 per year for one-bedroom apartment in assisted living facility
  • $53,768 per year for in-home hands-off homemaker services: cooking and running errands
  • $54,912 per year for in-home hands-on health aide assistance: personal care activities like bathing, dressing and eating
  • $19,240 per year for adult day care

More about Employment Extenders and Sandwich Caregivers

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More aging resources

The core tenets of special needs financial planning can be applied when coordinating the unique needs of Sandwich Caregivers, who are caring for a child and an adult loved one, and Career Extenders, who are planning for a late-in-life retirement.

Whether just getting started on the planning process, or making sure you’ve covered all of your bases, the Voya Cares resources below can help.

Health Care

Family Dynamics




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