Virtual Employees

Virtual Employees

Our people have the option to work virtually to better fit their needs, and it enables us to hire the best people wherever they are located.

Interest Groups and Networks:

Virtual Employee Resource Group – an employee group designed to connect all employees in a virtual setting, regardless if you are a work-at-home employee, a Virtually Orange employee or an employee who works in one of our offices.

Other things to know:

We currently have more than 1,500 employees who are virtual (this includes Field Office employees). This makes us the second largest site after Windsor! 

In 2015, virtual employees volunteered as follows:

  • 4,080 total hours
  • 24% participation rate

For 2016 Earth Week, virtual employees contributed:

  • 56 pairs of shoes
  • 16 cell phones
  • 31 eyeglasses
  • 118 inkjet/toner cartridges
  • 4 lbs. of writing instruments (270 pens, pencils, highlighters)