Financial inclusion

Financial inclusion

We are committed to leadership in making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with special needs and disabilities — as well as their families and caregivers — by helping them plan, invest and protect the future they envision. Visit our Voya Cares® page for more information about the program we created to address these needs.

Voya has helped transform the way people think about and manage their financial future by focusing on their ability to generate income in retirement. Voya’s goal is to make sure that every customer knows where they stand, what to do to improve their standing, and how to take immediate action.


The Voya myOrangeMoney® tool inspires individuals to make positive changes toward achieving a secure retirement. myOrangeMoney is a no-cost, online tool available to the general public and our customers. After answering a few questions, Voya provides concrete, useful information to empower individuals to take immediate action and make changes that will improve their retirement outlook — whether planning to retire in five years or 45 years.

We view this platform as a command center from which all customer transactions, such as enrollment, loans and investment changes, will happen in the future. Our vision is for customers to think about everything they do in the context of this single goal — the ability to generate income in retirement. The tool has been accessed by more than 1.5 million individuals with 35 percent taking action to better their retirement income.

A man's hands typing on a laptop keyboard to enter information into myOrangeMoney