Critical skills

Critical skills

What does it take to be successful at Voya Financial? It takes: passion for the financial services industry and customer delight; an openness to new ways of thinking; and the ability to collaborate and think strategically to drive common goals.  

If you have those skills and a strong connection to our purpose — Together we fight for everyone’s opportunity for a better financial future — then Voya is the place for you. We foster an ambitious, customer-centric environment that will empower you to excel in your career and further Voya’s success. 

The key to our success is our people. Read below to see if you have what it takes to be successful at Voya.

Orange chart of Voya's leadership model. From top to bottom: demonstrate integrity, focus on the customer, build a strong organization, create and lead change, deliver results, excel at execution, lead with passion and clarity, develop people and self, work as one company.


You’re passionate about delighting customers and offering unique solutions that exceed expectations.

  • Anticipates and understands customer needs.
  • Motivated to offer solutions that coincide with customer expectations.
  • Provides thought leadership and trusted counsel.
  • Communicates clearly, keeps promises and accepts responsibility.
  • Builds long-term partnerships.
  • Delivers a high value of customer service.

Critical thinking

You have the ability to reach well-reasoned solutions and solve problems through a thoughtful process of analyzing data.

  • Thinks outside of the box.
  • Identifies problems and create solutions that require in depth analysis in the interest of Voya.
  • Gathers information from various sources to examine cause and effect.
  • Discusses and proposes alternatives through a transparent dialogue.
  • Has a clear level of understanding of the big picture.

Team mentality

You partner effectively to drive and execute on common goals.

  • Works well with others to resolve conflict and drive our winning spirit.
  • Builds relationships and transparently shares knowledge across the enterprise.
  • Seeks to understand by listening intently and communicating honestly and effectively.
  • Collaborates productively to ensure best results are achieved.

Business acumen

You appreciate and understand the financial services industry.

  • Appreciates Voya Financial and the financial industry, with a continuous desire to further that knowledge.
  • Comprehends basic financial metrics.
  • Passionate about understanding Voya’s product lines and distribution channels.
  • Strives to be a “student” of our business and industry.

Learning agility

You’re open to new ways of thinking and acquiring new skills to retain a competitive advantage. 

  • Adapts quickly to new situations and provides innovative solutions.
  • Able to implement new and innovative ideas.
  • Fueled by a genuine curiosity and a hunger for knowledge.
  • Embraces new technologies and digital capabilities.
  • Receptive to other ideas.
  • Pursues self-development.