Investing in communities

Investing in communities


Voya Foundation is the primary channel for our community investment work, with a mission to improve the quality of life in the communities where Voya Financial operates and our employees and customers live. In line with that mission, Voya Foundation accepts grant proposals year-round from organizations whose work aligns with our strategy of financial resilience: Ensuring that youth are equipped with the STEM expertise necessary to compete in the 21st century workforce and the financial literacy skills necessary to make smart financial decisions that lead to a secure retirement.

Aside from financial resilience, Voya Foundation provides funding to a select group of partners to promote employee engagement and disaster relief. We work with our nonprofit partners to ensure the measurement of successful outcomes from our funding using metrics based on our giving priority criteria and those related to the goals of the community program. Significant outcomes are reported in our annual corporate responsibility report. Voya Foundation is not currently soliciting new partnerships in employee engagement or disaster relief.

In addition to grant opportunities, Voya Foundation is proud to cooperate with Voya Financial on several signature partnerships in education.

Charitable sponsorships

Separate from Voya Foundation, Voya Financial awards funds in the form of charitable sponsorships for events and publications to other 501(c)(3) organizations providing unique programming aligned with our primary areas of focus and those that engage our stakeholders, particularly those in key markets where our employees and customers live and where we have a large corporate presence.

Employee engagement

While charitable giving and grants are central to Voya’s commitment to community, one of the most valuable philanthropic assets Voya has to offer the communities is the passion, talent and energy of our employees. Our employees have a reputation as leaders in the community, as volunteers who make a difference, and as generous donors to thousands of worthy causes across the nation.

Engaging employees extends our positive impact on the communities where our employees, clients and customers live and work. It is also an avenue of employee development and business value as employees often gain new skills and leadership experience and expand their networks when active in their communities. We measure our success in this area by participation rates and volunteer hours and extent of our community footprint such as the number of employees with seats on nonprofit boards of directors around the U.S.