About us: Behavioral Finance

We don’t just innovate. We innovate with a purpose.

Through The Voya Behavioral Finance Institute for Innovation, Voya Financial is focused on gaining deeper insights into the savings plan decisions of Americans to help them improve their financial outcomes. 

What makes the Institute different?

The Institute’s work is differentiated by the ability to merge behavioral science and retirement outcomes with the speed and scale of the digital world.

By working with world-renowned behavioral scientists and academics, our organization is positioned at the forefront of the latest research.

How we are leveraging behavioral finance in an effort to improve retirement outcomes:


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Meet the Institute academics

The Voya Behavioral Finance Institute for Innovation merges the rigor, analysis and testing disciplines of the academic community with Voya’s retirement services and offering. This integration, partnered with our mission to improve financial outcomes, allows us to create timely, innovative solutions at scale.

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