Specialized Planning for a Lifetime of Care
Start with these Voya Cares resources for planning if you are a caregiver or have a disability or special needs.
Special Needs Planning for Life's Milestones: Prepare Well, Live Better
When a family member has a disability or special needs, life demands more from you, as caregiver—emotionally, physically, intellectually, and financially. Developing a lifetime plan can help you prepare for the predicted and navigate the unexpected.
Welcoming The Birth Of Your Child
Develop a personalized long term plan for a new baby with a disability or special needs. Voya Cares® can help ensure a lifetime of continuous care.
Transitioning Into Adulthood
Understand the questions to ask, benefits to apply for, and financial or legal arrangements to make as your child with disabilities transitions to adulthood.
Care Now, Care Later
Plan for a solid financial future with special needs in mind. Voya Cares has helpful tools for caregivers like to-do lists, a Letter of Intent guide, and more.
Giving Your Children Everything You Envision
Give your dependent with a disability or special needs a lifetime of support and care with valuable financial planning strategies.
Planning a Lifetime of Continuous Care with a Letter of Intent
Create a special needs guide to your child's educational, social and financial life. Contact a specially trained Voya Financial representative to find out more.
Create A Contract For Family Care
Employ a family member as your caregiver. Use this guide to determine compensation, vacation days, and how to avoid burnout and family conflict.
Helping Caregivers Along Their Journey
Support your loved one with a disability. Voya can help caregivers every step of the way with focused special needs financial planning.
Contact Us
Get in touch with Voya Cares® if you have questions about planning a financial future with special needs in mind.