Special Needs Planning and Divorce: Making sure the future of your child with special needs remains secure
When parents divorce, it adds another dimension to the special needs planning process. We discuss the watch-outs and areas that may require special consideration.
Beneficiaries with disabilities or special needs – What you need to know
Your beneficiary designations could disqualify you or a loved one from government benefits. Maintain eligibility for government benefits, even with an inheritance, structure settlement or other income.
Types of special needs trusts (SNT)
Setting up an SNT can protect persons with disabilities from losing government benefits, if they earn or inherit income. Learn about the different types of SNTs.
Setting up a special needs trust (SNT)
Set up a special needs trust (SNT) for your loved one with a disability, in order to protect government benefits in the future.
Questions to ask your special needs attorney
Meet with a special needs attorney and come prepared to create an SNT that meets the needs of your loved one with disabilities.
How to talk to your family about your special needs trust (SNT)
Talk to your family about the importance of a special needs trust (SNT) and how they can help preserve your loved one’s government benefits.
White paper: A Question of Special Needs - How Much Do We Need to Fund a Special Needs Plan? (Download PDF)
Unabridged white paper covering the multitude of considerations for funding a special needs plan.
Enriching your Loved One's Future
Help your loved one with a disability maintain government benefits with a better understanding of Special Needs Trust (SNT) structure and funding options.
Key Considerations for Special Needs Financial Planning
By properly planning, understanding government benefits, and utilizing the right legal instruments, you can help ensure your loved one enjoys the quality of life they deserve.
Transitioning from a Teen to Young Adulthood
Support your child's transition from school to the adult world by helping them qualify for government benefits, and find residential, community and career support.
Care Now, Care Later
Plan for a solid financial future with special needs in mind. Voya Cares has helpful tools for caregivers like to-do lists, a Letter of Intent guide, and more.
Voya Cares About Accessibility
Learn how Voya is supporting individuals with disabilities or special needs by prioritizing accessibility in our digital channels and our service offerings.
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