Laying The Foundation With Government Benefits
Understand types of available government benefits for people with disabilities, to create a foundation for your financial plan with help from our expert.
Roadmap to Government Benefits for Special Needs Financial Planning (Download PDF)
Roadmap to government benefits for special needs financial planning. And how to incorporate those benefits into your overall strategy.
Transitioning From a Teen to Young Adulthood
Support your child's transition from school to the adult world by helping them qualify for government benefits, and find residential, community and career support.
Ways to Fill in the Financial Gaps of Special Needs Planning
Create a special needs continuous care plan for your loved one with a disability, with help from Voya Cares®, plus national and local resources.
Key Considerations for Special Needs Financial Planning
By properly planning, understanding government benefits, and utilizing the right legal instruments, you can help ensure your loved one enjoys the quality of life they deserve.
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Get in touch with Voya Cares® if you have questions about planning a financial future with special needs in mind.