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We live in a connected world. But when employees sit down to choose and use their benefits, the experience couldn’t be more disconnected. Traditionally, workplace retirement plans, health savings accounts and other benefits have been thought of independently.
At Voya, we think it’s time to connect the disconnected.
The future of benefits starts with a connected experience
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Voya’s latest perspectives paper explores how employers can realize greater value by getting their workplace benefits and savings in sync. By adopting an integrated approach, companies can boost employee engagement, save time and help improve outcomes by simplifying decision making.

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Working to deliver financial care that considers the big picture

We can help employers get the most out of their workplace benefits and savings by delivering a more informed, connected approach.

Key opportunities:

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Improve financial

Helping employees maximize their savings potential, and employers achieve a better return on their benefits spend 

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Boost employee

Helping employees make smarter benefits decisions, utilize benefits more fully and be more appreciative of their benefits package

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Simplify the experience 

Reducing the time, energy and complexity associated with managing and optimizing multiple benefits from multiple vendors

What if benefits decisions made today could help employees save for their future retirement?

Goodbye to costly independent enrollment decisions, hello myVoyage

Decision-making biases do not always serve us well — particularly when making health insurance benefit decisions. Claims and financial wellness data suggests that many individuals make suboptimal benefit decisions that lead to overspending in one area while being under-saved in another.

Finally, employees can get personalized enrollment guidance that factors in their complete financial picture with myVoyage. 

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Giving participants what they need to see the big picture and act on it

If you think it’s challenging to look at benefits in a big-picture way rather than a set of siloed decisions, you’re not alone. That behavioral tendency is called “narrow framing” — and it leads people to focus on a limited slice of their overall financial picture. 

Fortunately, there are nudges and interventions that can help. Learn more insights from the Voya Behavioral Finance Institute for Innovation.  

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What if you could connect your workplace savings solutions?

Avoid the headache of disconnected experiences. Voya’s Workplace Savings Solution harnesses the value of our retirement, nonqualified, health savings account and emergency saving solutions individually to deliver a connected experience with added efficiency and value.

We think it’s time to simplify, sync up and personalize the experience.

You offer a variety of solutions to support employee financial health. Help them see it in a holistic way with a workplace savings solution that features a more connected experience. Voya’s offering brings the following solutions together into a single-sign-on experience for both the employer and the employee:  

  • Retirement Plan
  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Health Savings Account 

Emergency Savings are also offered alongside this package, as well as a decision support tool to help the employee decide how much to contribute, and where. 

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What if claims payments could be automated for covered events? 

Employee benefits don’t matter if they aren’t utilized. But, we get it. Filing a claim may be the last thing eligible employees want to do when they've experienced a covered illness, accident or hospitalization. That’s why we created Voya Claims 360 — to support better employee benefits utilization, engagement and education.


Insurance is underwritten by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (Minneapolis, MN) and ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York (Woodbury, NY), members of the Voya® family of companies.

Connect employees to their covered benefits and help them make the most of their coverage.

Wouldn’t it be great if insurance claims were paid automatically when employees experience a covered event? In some cases, they can be.

Voya Claims 360 uses intuitive claims models and medical claims integration* to help anticipate and identify eligible benefit opportunities, based on an employee's active coverage. We want employees to get the most out of their coverage, so they can turn their attention to what matters most.  

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*Medical claims integration is available for specific coverages only and employees must opt in during enrollment.

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