Welcoming The Birth Of Your Child
Develop a personalized long term plan for a new baby with a disability or special needs. Voya Cares® can help ensure a lifetime of continuous care.
Planning a Lifetime of Continuous Care with a Letter of Intent
Create a special needs guide to your child's educational, social and financial life. Contact a specially trained Voya Financial representative to find out more.
Enriching Your Loved One's Future
Help your loved one with a disability maintain government benefits with a better understanding of Special Needs Trust (SNT) structure and funding options.
Special Considerations for Beneficiary Designations (Download PDF)
Naming a loved one with special needs as a beneficiary could have an unintended impact on their eligibility for government benefits.
Ways To Fill In The Financial Gaps Of Special Needs Planning
Create a special needs continuous care plan for your loved one with a disability, with help from Voya Cares®, plus national and local resources.
Key Considerations for Special Needs Financial Planning
By properly planning, understanding government benefits, and utilizing the right legal instruments, you can help ensure your loved one enjoys the quality of life they deserve.
Giving Your Children Everything You Envision
Give your dependent with a disability or special needs a lifetime of support and care with valuable financial planning strategies.
Contact Us
Get in touch with Voya Cares® if you have questions about planning a financial future with special needs in mind.