Financial Wellness Experience

Financial Wellness Experience

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Our financial wellness program will help your employees reach retirement on time with preventive care for their finances

We realize that life brings bumps in the road, and financial unwellness today can lead to an off-track retirement. That is why our experience is designed to help individuals live for today while preparing for tomorrow.

Our six pillars of financial wellness

Our experience revolves around six pillars we believe are foundational to money health and key to achieving financial wellness:

Financial wellness is a lifelong journey that starts with a single step

With the goal of helping your employees see their complete financial picture so they can take their next best action to improve their unique situation, we provide an integrated experience that drives meaningful action.

Financial Wellness Assessment


Your employees will be introduced to our financial wellness experience through an assessment that consists of a brief set of core questions aligned with the six pillars of financial wellness and vary based on your life stage and job status (working, not working, retired). After completing the assessment, they will receive a personalized summary of their results in real time. The user-tested and simplistic scoring system makes it easy for your employees to understand where they are today and what they can do to improve their financial situation.

Nine out of 10 users have taken action or plan to take action to improve their financial situation after completing the assessment.1

Why answer the same question twice? The assessment is integrated with myOrangeMoney, so participants don’t have to provide their retirement information. Our smart form auto-populates that data for them.

Financial Wellness Dashboard

Each individual’s dashboard will be personalized with guidance and educational content to help them focus on the areas where they need to improve. myOrangeMoney®, an interactive, educational experience, sits within the dashboard to help individuals think about their progress within the parameters of their potential income in retirement.

88% completed the assessment and viewed the results.2

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  2. Voya Internal Data as of 6/30/21 — reflects percent completion of users that began assessment.

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