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I hereby authorize the Company to initiate deposit to checking OR savings account as indicated above and the depository named above to credit same to such account and that is the payment of the claim. This authority is to remain in full force and effect until the Company has received written notification from me of its termination/change in such manner as to afford the Company a reasonable opportunity to act on it.<br/><br/> Notice Regarding Early Warning Services, LLC. When you select electronic funds transfer as your payment method, we may receive and contribute customer account and payment account data to the National Shared Database&#8480; Resource administered by Early Warning Services, LLC (EWS). EWS is a consumer reporting agency and is the administrator of the National Shared Database, which contains contributed consumer and business account data from hundreds of participating financial institutions and other organizations. The contributed data is used by participating organizations as part of their decision-making process to determine a person or entities’ authorization to transact on an account.<br/><br/> For your protection, if your claim is approved and we are unable to validate your banking information, we will issue you a check to avoid any delay in payment.<br/><br/> By typing your name in the box below, you are electronically signing this document. Your electronic signature will be legally binding and enforceable and the legal equivalent of your handwritten signature.