Welcome to Everyday wellness

An inspired blog series created for your well-being

We’re glad you’re here.

For many of us, the world feels heavy.

Especially for those feeling the greatest impact from this pandemic and global events of 2020.

The loss is great.

Our collective grief affects each of us deeply and personally, yet differently, as evidenced by the evening news.

The loss of lives, jobs, homes and businesses, with endless scenes of civil dissent, social injustice and riotous unrest are immense. Life disrupted with a communal loss of security, dignity and peace.

We know you’re hurting.

Here at Voya, we know people are hurting, well beyond financial measures.

Yes, Covid-19 is a health crisis but also a mental health and economic crisis as well.

We know most Americans are trying to pick up the pieces and get back on their feet.

We’re not sure we can ever “go back to normal” but we can move forward, with compassion and healing.

We’re optimistic.

So we designed a place to meet you where you are.

A place to be heard and understood where real, everyday challenges Americans are facing will reside.

A relatable space where maybe you’ll feel a little less alone, less heavy – and a little more hopeful.

We want to encourage, uplift and empower you.

That’s why we want to bring you everyday wellness.

Throughout the year, we’ll find ways to acknowledge our collective grief with authentic articles.

We’ll provide ideas and resources to restore and rebuild the parts of our lives that matter by encouraging action.

Come as you are, leave feeling better.

These small positive steps are intended to help us find more strength, meaning, gratitude and joy in life.

A place to discover more ways to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and financially

so we can all move from here, forward.


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