On your journey to retirement, many important decisions need to be made to help ensure you get where you want to be. Voya is here to help you get on track and stay focused on reaching your long term goals. Before you can put a financial plan in place, you'll want to have a good idea of what you're aiming for. Having  financial targets on the horizon can help guide you on your journey towards financial wellness.

Financial Wellness+

Creating a plan is a good place to start

protection iconProtection

We all want to protect ourselves and our families. Help strengthen the financial security of those you love. When it comes to getting the protection you need, a simple plan to help you make informed decisions is essential.

When planning, you should:

  • Know the different types insurance choices
  • Consider when the right time is to protect yourself
  • Figure out how much insurance coverage you’ll need
  • Understand the costs



spending iconSpending and Saving

You work hard for your money. Your income is precious and what you do with it counts. Live within your means today and save for tomorrow.

Establish good money habits by:

  • Getting organized
  • Building a budget
  • Setting it in motion
  • Making adjustments as you go



emergency fund iconEmergency fund

Saving for the unexpected involves making sure you have enough money set aside in an emergency fund to cover expenses and protect yourself when life hands you a few surprises.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much do I need?
  • What is the best way to get started?
  • How can I plan for success?
  • Am I on track?


Debt management

How would life change for you if you were debt-free? Knowing where to start is important to reducing and eliminating debt.

Here are some easy steps to take down debt:

  • Pay down highest interest debt first
  • Keep saving for retirement and don’t dip into that savings to pay off your debt
  • Use cash for everyday purchases
  • Be disciplined with credit cards
  • Use good debt but stay away from bad debt



retirement iconRetirement

Maintaining your current lifestyle is one of the most important factors when it comes to an ideal retirement. Good things take time, so when saving, make sure you keep in mind that the money you save has to last, so save consistently as much as you can.

Consider these:

  • What do I need to think about first?
  • Working it
  • Take advantage of tax-advantaged accounts
  • Give yourself a boost Revisit and refine



other savingsOther savings goals

Think of everything you’d ever want to do if you could. Does it seem like it’s a dream? Having a sound budget in place will help keep your dreams come alive.

The path to saving begins with these steps:

  • Write down your needs, wants, and wishes.
  • Understand the costs of your goals
  • Select the right accounts and investments
  • Start saving towards your goals
  • Take action


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