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What does it mean to be a Retirement Champion?

It means all your planning and preparation has led you to your dream retirement. Retirement Champions get the most out of life. For them retirement is more than an end to a career, it’s a means to experience more.
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Walk on Water With Judy

While her peers relaxed in retirement, Judy spent hers barefoot water skiing with Keith St. Onge, who just happens to be ranked #1 in the world.

Phyllis’ Fun-Filled Life

From Broadway to Ballet to parachuting out of a plane, 93 year old Phyllis Sues has lead an impressive life. And it’s her passion for remaining active that makes her a Retirement Champion.

Stan’s Skating Story

Instead of standing idly by watching skaters from the stands, Stan laced up a pair of his own skates, hired a coach and, at 57 years old, stepped out onto the ice for the very first time on his way to becoming a professional figure skater.

Elizabeth’s Incredible Journey

Elizabeth never imagined her retirement path would put her in the center of current world events, and lead her to Afghanistan.

Take a Ride with Penny

When Penny retired she didn’t slow down, she biked around the world with her husband.