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The Voya Retirement Research Institute is committed to helping plan sponsors and their employees take the necessary steps to more effectively prepare for retirement.

Through primary research and analysis of data on the retirement plan participants that we serve, the Institute actively studies and offers insights on the behaviors, attitudes, actions and experiences of people as they plan for and live in retirement. We share these insights and learnings with plan sponsors to help their employees

  • Improve their knowledge and understanding of personal finance and investing
  • Overcome obstacles to more proactive retirement planning and saving
  • Take the necessary steps to set goals and build a personal retirement plan that can help achieve their ideal vision of retirement

As we become Voya Financial, we are upgrading our Voya Retirement Research Institute website. If you have a question about the Voya Retirement Research Institute, or would like to request a copy of one of our existing research studies or publications, please send a request to